Maintenance (Cooling)

Equipment breakdowns always happen at the worst times. This can mean expensive repairs and being caught without air conditioning during extreme heat and humidity.

The best way to protect yourself from a sudden breakdown is through annual equipment maintenance.

At A Plus Air Systems, we care for your comfort and want to make sure your equipment lasts until the very end of its lifetime. A Plus offers a complete preventative maintenance service to fix any problems that could lead to a breakdown. You can enjoy peace of mind all summer season without having to worry if your air conditioner will survive a hot summer day.

All cooling equipment operates only at peak performance under certain conditions. Our maintenance includes all these conditions such as checking pipes, venting, coolant, electrical connections, safety switches, and cooling sensors to make sure nothing gets in the way of performance.

Having annual maintenance completed by one of our fully-qualified technicians will give you and your family peace of mind all season long.

Let’s fix it before it happens.

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An inspection is recommended once a year (ideally before the summer season) to increase the longevity of your air conditioner and cooling equipment.
Our expert technicians will complete a comprehensive maintenance of your equipment which includes cleaning, replacing filters, and an inspection of all parts.

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